DC EGGS CODE Tool DC Aztec Event Tool DC Food Tool DC 5-50 Gems/day Dragon Eggs Find SE&SW User Key Find DC Session Id  
Tutorial How to use this tool :
- Log into the game fully
- Find session id for DC and FlashUserKey for SW, SE
- Fill facebook id, session id for DC or FlashUserKey for SE, SW and Only FBID for Dark Warriors into the form box.
- Fill in the amount of gold, xp, cash, gem and resources you want to get.
- Then click submit
- If you get error, clear cache then log in to the game fully then repeat the steps from beginning.
NOTE : Wait 20 seconds before you use this tool again!!
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daftar jadi publisher popads

Dragon City 200 M Exp/Submit

Dragon City 100M Gold/Submit

Dragon City Buy Eggs 25 Gems

NOTE : Each dragon eggs reduces 25 Gems...After clicking submit, reload the game and look at your storage.

daftar jadi publisher popads

Social Empires Cash and Gold

Social Wars Cash and Resources

daftar jadi publisher popads

Dark Warriors Gems and All